Terra II Yoga Mat
Terra II Yoga Mat
Terra II Yoga Mat
Terra II Yoga Mat

Terra II Yoga Mat

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Meet our yoga mat - she’s cute and functional, baby. We don’t mean to brag, but she’s the stuff made out of your recreational dreams: sweat-absorbent, extra wide, anti-slip, designed with an alignment guide - and that’s just the top Microfibre layer. Add in extra cushioning and it’s sustainable materials, and you’ve got yourself the MVP of yoga mats. It’s yours if you want it.

The more you know…

  • Alignment Guide: Designed to help position your body and correct your form as you move
  • Microfiber Top Layer: Designed to absorb sweat and moisture, increasing your grip the more you sweat.
  • TPE Bottom Layer: Anti-skid and anti-tear, the base is made from recyclable materials and contain no latex, PVC, heavy metals or any other hard chemicals and toxins
  • Yoga Mat Dimensions: Our mats are wider and thicker than an average yoga mat, allowing for more movement and excellent cushioning.
  • Includes 
    • Free yoga mat carrier strap
    • Free Club DIDO On-Demand access (coming soon!)

      Materials: Sweat-absorbent vegan microfiber top layer and anti-skid, anti-tear TPE bottom
      Dimensions: 68cm x 183cm
      Thickness: 6mm
      Weight: 1.6kg
      Original Day In Day Out design

      Your workout just got sustainable. Our yoga mats have a recyclable TPE bottom layer that contains no latex, PVC, or any other harmful chemicals or toxins.

      Find out more about our sustainability efforts.

      While our mats allow you to sweat with confidence on the microfiber surface, they need some love, too. Pick up a No Scrub Mat Care Kit before checkout, and spray and spritz your mat clean after your workouts. Alternatively, you can follow our At-Home Mat Care below to keep your mat fresh and clean.

      At-Home Mat Care:

      1. Combine 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of mild detergent.
      2. Using a soft cloth or hand towel, dip into your solution and wipe down your yoga mat gently to deep clean.
      3. Leave to air-dry before rolling or storing away. Avoid leaving under direct sunlight.
      4. Repeat every week!

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