Mat Care Kit

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Our Microfiber-TPE mats are sweat absorbent and need to be cleaned gently and regularly. We developed two essential solutions that will help you take care of your mats: a mat spray for everyday use and a mat cleaner for deep cleaning every once in a while!

Mat Spray: Our mat disinfecting spray includes premium lavender and tea tree essential oils that have antimicrobial properties to keep your mat clean and smelling fresh! Give your bottle a little shake and spritz all over your mat. Wipe down gently with a soft cloth or hand towel.

Mat Cleaner: For deep cleaning once a week, mix 1 teaspoon of our mild detergent with 1 cup of water. Grab a towel, dip it in your solution and wipe down mat to clean. Leave your mat to air-dry but avoid leaving it in direct sunlight! Wait for your mat to be completely dry before rolling and storing it away.

Emptied out your bottles? Return your glass bottles when you purchase a new kit and get free shipping for your order! We’ll be collecting old, used bottles from our care kits to undergo our cleaning process- they'll be recycled after! (This applies to our previous bottles too)