tess moves

Tess Coniglio

I’m a clinical Pilates teacher based in sunny Gold Coast, QLD

I’m passionate about facilitating a joyful and empowering movement experience for everybody, I want you to finish feeling better then when you started.

My classes are all about celebration and collaboration of human movement — working with you, celebrating the art of trying, giving things a red hot crack as well as your successes. I value the importance of movement and all the wonderful benefits it brings, when you show up to a class, I’m here to cheer you on.

Expect to feel good, feel challenged, get into some weird positions in a space that you feel seen and supported. I’m interested in how movement feels, not necessarily how it looks. You can explore and play in my classes that best serve you, you are welcome here and i look forward to moving with you!


See more of Tess on Instagram at @tess__moves

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