Posture tonic

Jacinta Brown

Hi everyone, I'm Jacinta, a Pilates instructor based in Melbourne. I post new Pilates at-home workouts weekly on YouTube: Posture Tonic.

Each Pilates class aims to align posture and build deep core support for a strong foundation so you can radiate confidence - from the inside out! We pulse, hold, sweat and smile through the satisfying Pilates burn to challenge our mind and bodies.

Posture Tonic’s focus is on performing controlled movement in multiple planes of motion to work the deepest stabilising muscles. With lots of spinal movement, stretches and conditioning exercises we create lean muscles and happy joints.

There is a Pilates class for every body from complete beginner to advanced.

See you on the mat!


See more of Jacinta's videos on her Youtube Channel, Posture Tonic.


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See more of Jacinta on Instagram at @posturetonic.

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